Election 2022

Share your priorities. Connect to resources. Pledge to vote for what's important to you and your community.

Your voice matters

In October 2022 we will elect a new City Council.  In June 2022, we will elect our Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament.

Your voice matters. What is most needed in your community?  Share your priorities.  We will bring what we hear to the candidates, and to our work.
We will support you with resources to find out about your candidates, tell them about your priorities, and vote for what is important to you.


You can also find resources at Elections Ontario website and/or app, and sudbury.com’s election webpage.

Election day for the provincial election is June 2. On election day (9am-9pm), you can vote in person at your assigned voting location. Before election day, you can vote at an advanced voting location (10am-8pm), at your returning office, or by mail.  Find out more about the ways you can vote here.  

There are two electoral districts in Greater Sudbury: Sudbury and Nickel Belt.  Find out your district by putting in your postal code here.   

Find out where you can vote in Sudbury here, and in Nickel Belt here

Get on the voter’s list: you can confirm, update or add your voter information before May 23, here.  If you don’t do this, you can still vote with the proper ID.

If you are on the voters list, you need to present your voter information card and one piece of ID with your name. If you are not on the voters list, you need one piece of ID showing both your name and current address.  Find more info here

To vote in the Ontario election, you must be 18 years of age or older, be a Canadian citizen, and a resident of Ontario.

If you are 16 or 17 years old, you can add yourself to the Ontario Register of Future Voters here.



Check your candidate’s website to see what they have to say.  Contact your candidates to tell them what is important to you.  Your voice matters.

Incumbent – NDP: Jamie West jamie.west@ontariondp.ca
Liberal: David Farrow  info@astrongersudbury.ca
Conservative: Marc Despatie  info@despatie.ca
Green: David Robinson  davidrobinson@gpo.ca
Libertarian: Adrien Berthier
Ontario Party: Jason LaFace
New Blue: Sheldon Pressey

Nickel Belt
Incumbent – NDP: France Gélinas  france.gelinas@ontariondp.ca
Liberal: Gilles Proullx campagn@gillesproulx.ca
Conservative: Randy Hazlett  Rhazlettnickelbeltpc@gmail.com
Green: Glenys Babcock glenysbabcock@gpo.ca
Ontario Party: Willy Schneider
New Blue: Melanie Savoie

Canadian Association of Retired Persons ‘All Major Candidates Meeting’ Wednesday, May 18, 2pm, at the Northbury Hotel, 50 Brady Street.

The Labour Council is hosting a candidate debate May 24 (Nickel Belt) and 25 (Sudbury).  More information will be posted as it becomes available.

#saveLUgreenspace candidate pledge: NDP candidates Jamie West (Sudbury) and France Gélinas (Nickel Belt), Liberal candidates David Farrow (Sudbury) and Gilles Proulx (Nickel Belt), and Green candidates David Robinson (Sudbury) and Glenys Babcock (Nickel Belt) have signed the #saveLUgreenspace candidate pledge that states, “If elected, I pledge to actively support the protection of the LU greenspace in its natural state, as a freely accessible community greenspace.”
Laurentian University is currently drafting a Plan of Arrangement for creditors under the CCAA process.  This could put the LU greenspace at risk of being sold for private development.

Ontario Nature party survey responses on Environmental questions.

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This is a non-partisan initiative in collaboration with Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury, Bike Sudbury, Fierté Sudbury Pride, Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre, and others.